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Note: Parents: Pointilisim requires that you have Shockwave Player installed. You can download it here

ColAR Mix

Directions: Parents and Children:

  • Click on the image below and print the PDF document.

Click here to download this on your computer and print it!

  1. Color your dot. Make your mark — make it your own, unique creation!
  2. If you have an iPad at home or an Android device, Install the colAR app on your mobile device. The app is now available for free on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.
  3. Open the colAR app on your device.
  4. Click "Play."
  5. Hold your device over the colored page to view it on your device screen (as if you are about to take a photo of it). When you are holding your device in exactly the right position above the page, the page will look blue on your screen.
  6. Your dot will come to life! Click the little purple icon at the bottom of the screen to switch between different 3D views — watch your dot pop up off the page, become a dot galaxy... and more! You can tilt your device to admire your dot from different angles.

An Interactive Visual/Audio Book

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Peter Reynolds