Technology Use in our Library


Technology Integration

At Stocker Elementary, students visit the library once a week for 50 minutes of instruction.  During these lessons, we focus on information seeking skills in a digital age and, once that information is found, how to use it to answer questions and gain an understanding of the world around them.  Students then use technology tools to present what they have learned in unique ways.

These lessons are hands-on and engaging, providing students with real-life skills. Technology, through the use of iPads, Chromebooks, desktop computers, green screen technology, our Promethean Board and document camera are all a part of these lessons.  Students use these tools to make presentations, ebooks, videos, and podcasts, our Stocker News program and more!

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All of our students in grades 3-5 have their own school Gmail account.  With these accounts, students and staff can Google Apps for Education (GAFE) at Stocker Elementary School.  Teachers and students are trained on its uses for learning in and outside of school.

Students (and teachers) have begun using GAFE for many projects including: creating slideshows to present their learning, Google Classroom in various learning environments, Google Drawing for creating book posters, Google Docs for writing papers, creating original writing and note-taking.

Throughout the year, students will continue to use our Google Apps for even more amazing learning opportunities!


The Stocker Learning Commons has 25 iPads allowing for each class to have 1:1 access when using them for creation.  We use many apps including Book Creator which includes pictures, information, captions, and sound recording of the student reading the pages of their book. Students also have the opportunity to “App Smash” by creating content for their book using the iPad app Skitch, to annotate or alter specific pieces of art and then insert the creation into their ebook.

IPad creation apps are used on a daily basis to enrich the library media lessons/projects with students from Kindergarten through fifth grade. Students regularly create iMovies and Google slide presentations to demonstrate learning and practice 21st Century skills.  After writing original stories, students complete storyboards and then use iPad apps such as Puppet Pals and Comic Life to bring their ideas to life.  Students also create and publish their own augmented reality using the iPad app Aurasma to share book reviews/summaries and their own animated “Gami” videos using the app Tellagami to introduce themselves or share information.